TOM HANKS Begs for Superhero Role

As if the world of superheroes couldn’t get any cooler (what, with the recent Ant-Man casting rumors leveled at Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Tom Hanks has just voiced an interest in bringing one of our caped do gooders to life. Here’s what the Gump-meister had to say: Come on, I can do it [laughs]. Let me play […]

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Spooky TOY STORY TV Special Airing on Halloween?

And you thought that DreamWorks milked their franchises! TV Guide is reporting that the Toy Story series will be getting its first television special, which will air this October for Halloween. It will be half-an-hour. Fan-favorite characters like Buzz, Woody, and Mr. Potato Head, voiced by Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, and Don Rickles respectively, will appear, but […]

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CLOUD ATLAS – The Review

It’s hard to go to theaters these days and expect a science fiction movie to actually delve into something worthwhile.  It used to be that films such as these existed to offer audiences something unique and interesting while simultaneously entertaining them.   And that’s just what Cloud Atlas strives to do, and believe me it […]

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