ANT-MAN Review: “There is a Great Movie in There Somewhere”

WARNING: spoilers yada yada yada. For the past few years, I have fiercely defended Ant-Man to everybody. Young adults are always quite stubborn and ignorant, so upon hearing the name people immediately jump to conclusions. “Ant-Man? Pfft, that’s so lame. Why would you want to be able to turn into an ant?” “Marvel are really […]

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Wait, ANT-MAN is GOOD?!

Remember when Edgar Wright dropped out of Ant-Man and the whole fandom cried heresy? Indeed, t’was a sad day. Wright was the only reason that the film was happening, and his quick-and-quirky unique visual style coupled with great storytelling capabilities had a lot of people excited for a film which, in other hands, would have […]

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FF #1 Review

The Fantastic 4 have assembled a new team to protect NY for 4 minutes, can they last that long? Here is the summary from Marvel: Marvel Now! shows you the future, and it’s fantastic! In the Fantastic Four’s absence, a hand-picked substitute squad—Ant-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and Miss Thing—must guard Earth and the fledgling Future Foundation […]

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