Ragnarok #4 Review

Ragnarok #4 marks the fourth installment in a series that has only recently received my attention. That said, there’s a few hidden charms in this title that might not seem obvious from outside, with Ragnarok #4 being a prime example of just what it has to offer. The official description from IDW: Beyond the Forest […]

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It’s CHRISTMAS in OCTOBER fanboys and fangirls! Why? Because after years of speculation Marvel Studios¬†has finally announced their PHASE 3¬†films! That’s right the House of Ideas had a media event today where they, more or less, indirectly laughed at their slowly forming competitor and reveled in their own cinematic destiny. Their upcoming slate seems like […]

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Chris Hemsworth Wants Armageddon In THOR 3

While speaking with ScreenRant actor Chris Hemsworth gave a clue to what he’d like to see in Thor 3. A third film hasn’t been announcement but if the box office is large enough it could help push Marvel into fast tracking another sequel. Chris mentions the idea of bringing Armageddon into the Thor universe. Which […]

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