The name and full cast was only revealed yesterday but the news blitz hasn’t quite stopped yet as today the first official poster for Bond’s 24th outing has been revealed! Simple and classy, just as Bond should be, it’s only a teaser so doesn’t give anything away but damn it if we aren’t so hyped […]

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The Big Bang created us but a bigger bang destroyed us but out of the ashes comes a new hero. The official description from IDW: The Big Bang created all life as we know it. The Bigger Bang creates just one: a being named Cosmos. Is he a destroyer? A hero? A god? All he […]

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J.J. Abrams named as STAR WARS Episode VII Director

Well this is sure to cause some controversy and spark some heated debates between fanboys everywhere, J.J. Abrams, the man responsible for the successful 2009 Star Trek reboot will helm the latest entry into the Star Wars universe! Only a few months after saying that despite his love for Star Wars he wouldn’t direct the much anticipated […]

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