KEVIN FEIGE Denies NOTHING About Inhumans

I love shitting on scoopsters as much as the next guy. “Haha, you guys are wrong!” is a really petty, but rewarding statement to utter. Lawd knows we never hear an end to it (despite our stellar scoop record). But most recently the good folks at HuffPo asked Marvel Studios’ head honcho Kevin Feige about […]

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New Warriors #2 Review

In an Avengers world do we really need to have this team re-emerging? Read on to find out. The official description from Marvel: The Evolutionaries are on the war path! If it’s not human, it DIES.What does the High Evolutionary want with Nova? All across the world, the New Warriors come together… SEE! Sun Girl […]

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Welcome back to another glorious episode of the Unleash The Fanboy podcast. We’re here to bring you some awesome Thanksgiving thankfulness, discussing what really drives our geeky gratitude this holiday season. I’ll give you a hint… we talk a lot about Pointy Fingered Mutants, Affleckian Batman, and a few other properties.

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