THE X-FILES is BACK, Baby!!!

Finally!! Earlier this year, it was officially confirmed that The X-Files would be returning to our screens in a special six-part miniseries. The sci-fi show that truly kickstarted a renewed interest in aliens and all the mystery surrounding them dominated the 90’s, but eventually fizzled out with a lackluster conclusion and two mixed-to-negatively-received movies, the […]

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X-Files Season 10: #6 – Review

In another sign that IDW is staying true to its commitment to run a monthly X-Files comic that picks up where the television series left off, issue #6 of X-Files: Season 10 brings back — and expands — on one of its most beloved and nasty characters ever: Flukeman. Here’s the official word from IDW: […]

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X-Files: Season 10 #1 Review

IDW’s decision to launch a new monthly comic series that picks up where the X-Files left off was risky. Mulder and Scully have a cult following; and season 10 is sacred ground.  But if issue #1 is any indication, it was a risk worth taking. Here’s the official description from IDW: In the opening story […]

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