MARVEL Is Gonna Take Over HORROR MOVIES In A Huge Way

Marvel is totally kicking DC’s ass with there massive shared universe that spans Movies, television, and soon, web series (Netflix original shows). How else can Marvel remain on top? By introducing their dedicated audience to heroes that they really don’t have time to give their own movies. How can introduce new heroes? By following Disney’s […]

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3 Marvel Characters Vin Diesel Can Play

Vin Diesel is a name that keeps me up at night, he is someone with only one real application in terms of acting. If I had it my way, the man would stay the hell away from the Marvel Universe. At this point I realize this idea is completely unrealistic as the film properties are […]

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GHOST RIDER Returns to Marvel Studios, Is There a MARVEL KNIGHTS Flick in the Works?

Kevin Feige’s just revealed that the film rights to the great, fire-skulled hero Ghost Rider have finally returned to Marvel Studios. While this usually wouldn’t be the most exciting news in the world, especially since Nicolas Cage’s run with the character has left even my forgiving fanboy sensibilities in a state of shock, reuniting Johnny […]

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