Fearless Defenders #4 Review

Previously in Fearless Defenders: Valkyrie & her companions headed off to rescue Dani Moonstar from the evil Caroline Le Fey Upon finding where she is kept, they have their 1st encounter with the Doom Maidens Turns out…Valkyrie used to be one…Yikes Here is the summary from Marvel: Come for the banter, stay for the surprises! […]

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Fearless Defenders #2 Review

Well the Dead have risen and it’s up to a Valkyrie, a Hero for Hire, & and an archaeologist to stop them…well the world was fun while it lasted right? Here is the summary from Marvel: DANI MOONSTAR joins the Defenders! Valkyrie and Misty prepare to take on the Doom Maidens. Plus: A closer look […]

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