Juice Squeezers #4 Review

For those geeks who’ve been loving David Lapham’s new Goonies-meets-Them! comic Juice Squeezers, the final issue of this four-part series will offer a satisfying ending. But not a great one. Here’s the official word from Dark Horse: The deadliest bug battle in the history of Weeville is imminent when the Juice Squeezers awaken the dormant horde below […]

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The first issue of Eisner Award winner David Lapham’s Juice Squeezers takes us deeper into the world first glimpsed in Dark Horse Presents #26. Just what is this group of elementary school oddballs up to in Weeville? The official description from Dark Horse: Tunnels made by a legion of giant bugs crisscross the fields below […]

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Dark Horse Presents #28 Review

If you’re a fan of classic anthology shows like The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, or Alfred Hitchcock Presents, then Dark Horse Presents is the book for you. If you’re not a fan of those shows, then you’ve probably never watched them. Comics’ favorite anthology is back with its twenty-eighth issue. Here’s the official description: Read a new tale, written and illustrated […]

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