BEWARE THE BATMAN “Epitaph” Review

The Beware the Batman marathon continues with a mystery episode. Obviously, SPOILERS ahead! Seriously, major spoilers. Bruce Wayne (Anthony Ruivivar), having decided to back up Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) in his mayoral candidacy, attends the rally. Unfortunately, he gets shot by a Batman imposter. Bruce lives, but decides to let Gotham City continue to think he’s  […]

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The latest Beware the Batman episode has Batman getting arrested. Wait, whaaaat? SPOILERS AHEAD! After a brief chase, the police force, led by Harvey Dent (Christopher McDonald) catch the criminal The Key (J.B. Blanc). That’s a good thing, right? Batman (Anthony Ruivivar) doesn’t think so. After all, Key has just downloaded a program into his […]

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