Journey Into Mystery #650 Review

Sif & the Berzerkers (awesome band name btw) have returned to Asgardia. How will they be able to acclimate to life there in the state they are in? Here is the summary from Marvel: BERSERKERS GONE…well, YOU KNOW! Sif battles to contain one of her Berserker pals’ murderous rampage..! Can she come to terms with […]

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Journey In Mystery #647 Review

Sif has gone BERZERK, with the berserker spell raging inside her, will the mighty Asgardian be able to keep her new found lust for battle in check? Or will she be consumed by its power? Here is the summary from Marvel: ASGARDIANS GONE WILD! • Newly minted with an ancient version of the Berzerker spell, […]

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More Avengers Cameo News

We’ve pretty much figured out which major superheroes are going to be in The Avengers, but there’s still a lot of secrecy surrounding the possible cameos from lesser tier characters. If you’re not quite sure who I’m talking about, I’m referring to the possible appearance of folks like Hayley Atwell as Sharon Carter, Anthony Hopkins’s […]

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