How Will INDIANA JONES Continue if it Won’t be ‘BOND-ed’?

2015 has been a year which will likely be looked back on as the one which began the “stuff-you-loved-as-a-kid reboot” craze. So far we’ve seen Mad Max: Fury Road become a pop culture icon, Jurassic World blow up the box office to the tune of $1.6B, Terminator: Genisys falter and then kinda pick itself back up, every […]

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Reboots? Why does it always have to be reboots? More specifically, a reboot/sequel to everyone’s favorite/only whip-cracking adventurer. It seems like the possibility of a fifth Indiana Jones film is in the air at Disney and Lucasfilm. And none other than Bradley “Rocket Racoon” Cooper is apparently the top name on the list of people […]

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Disney Gains Rights To Future INDIANA JONES Films

Well it’s official: the fedora will now be hanging next to the mouse ears. Variety is reporting that Walt Disney Studios has acquired from Paramount Pictures the distribution and marketing rights to future Indiana Jones projects, in addition to the ownership rights it already received from the Lucasfilm purchase last year. Paramount will still distribute […]

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