Carrie Fisher Is SUPER SERIOUS This Time, She’s Back For STAR WARS EPISODE 7

When Disney announced their plans to release 3 more episodes in the classic Star Wars series (along with 3 additional spin-off films… hopefully starring Yoda and Gollum in an epic Riddle contest), there was no doubt that the cast of the ORIGINAL TRILOGY would return. Despite all of Harrison Ford’s grumbling, Mark Hammill’s less-than-Jedi appearance […]

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Andy Serkis Talks Awards and Apes

The Academy Awards are almost here, and Fox is in full campaign mode, but there’s one guy in particular that’s garnering much of the attention.  That man is Andy Serkis. Perhaps best known for his on screen portrayal of Gollum from The Lord of the Rings series, Serkis has become the messiah of motion-capture performers in […]

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New Hobbit Behind-The-Scenes Video

As if the trailer wasn’t good enough, Peter Jackson has given us another look at Middle-Earth before the year is out. This time it comes to us in the fifth video from his ongoing Hobbit Blog. The 15 minute clip does an incredible job of illuminating the difficulties of shooting an epic of this size, […]

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