Wally West Returns To THE FLASH Under New Creative Team

After Barry Allen changed the DC Universe during Flashpoint, certain DC mainstays disappeared; most prominently Wally West, Allen’s former sidekick and the successor to the Flash title. As a result, for over two years we’ve had fans shouting on message boards and comment sections all over the Internet “Bring Wally back!” Well, it’s been a […]

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Screenshot, Release Date, and More Revealed for Upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE FLASHPOINT PARADOX Film!

DC and Warner Bros’ animatred DTV DCU lineup has been mostly amazing, and it seems that the quality won’t be dropping anytime soon. And with Superman: Unbound due in a few weeks, it was about time that we got some more info concerning the next animated DVD film, Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, which adapts, obviously, […]

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Marvel NOW! VS The New 52

In every universe, there is always that one event, that one instance that changes the landscape of the entire world. Shaping it into something new, but familiar at the same moment. Enter the world’s of Marvel & DC, both with their own stable of heroes, their own histories, and own tales to tell. Although, reboots […]

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