Amazing X-Men Annual #1 Review

Why has a new Inhuman named Meruda got a vendetta against Storm? Read on to find out. The official description from Marvel: • Storm and the Amazing X-Men go to Africa! • A death in Storm’s family sheds light on a new threat to the X-Men! If one does of Amazing X-Men isn’t enough for […]

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Amazing X-Men #7 Review

What could possibly go wrong when Firestar and Iceman go for groceries? The official description from Marvel: • Guest-starring THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! • Iceman, Firestar and Spider-Man renew their amazing friendship to save New York City. • Guest-Issue by Kathryn Immonen (AVENGERS ANNUAL) and Paco Medina (X-MEN, NOVA)! Amazing X-Men gives us a one-shot story […]

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