Why We Still Need Lois Lane

Equality is a cornerstone of human development and I think that the world has collectively reached unparalleled levels of gender equality. More women and girls hold positions of power and decision-making in politics, education and the economy than ever before in human history. The notion of a person being refused a job or being refused […]

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Top 8 Jewish Wonder Women

Welcome to With Great Chutzpah Comes Great Responsibility, your bi-weekly dose of Jews and comics! Lets face it, without women we are all a bunch of schmucks.  Period. End of paragraph. Even though Wonder Woman’s origin story is totally goy-ish, she was always a Jewish woman in my head.  I should know because I have had many […]

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Brian Wood’s X-MEN Receives Cover Variant by J. Scott Campbell and Its The Epitome of Female Empowerment… Not

  I once was a teenage fan-boy who enjoyed the swimsuit editions of Wildstorm characters more than the Sports Illustrated annual issue.  Back in my day (not to sound like a fogey), every comic company put out a special bikini ish featuring all the greatest super-heroines even naked-er than their normal hardly existent costumes. My dream girl […]

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