Here’s A Complete Guide To Every Spider-Man In SPIDER-VERSE. You’re Welcome

Thank you, mysterious internet goer named “mmmasian”!!!n Despite whatever sexual innuendos hide within your screename, you’re a pretty decent dude. After all, you went through all the trouble of cataloguing EACH and EVERY Spider-Man from Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Verse event. Based on Spidey’s dalliance with the supernatural, this story finds the murderous villain Morlun on a […]

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Edge of Spider-Verse #3 Review

Is this an intriguing outing? Or one that needs to be skipped? Read on to find out. The official description from Marvel: • What is the secret of Dr. Aaron Aikman, Spider-Man?! • Who are the villainous Red Eye and Naahmurah? And can Aaron possibly live through Morlun’s arrival? • Rising star Dustin Weaver (AVENGERS, […]

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