APE ENTERTAINMENT Solicitations for MARCH 2013

Ape Entertainment Solicitations – Previous Three Months • February 2013 • January 2013 • December 2012 MARCH 2013 Drew Hayes’ Poison Elves #1 Written By: Robb Horan Art By: Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller Covers By: Darick Robertson, Osvaldo Pestana Montpeller and Terry Moore Description: Part 1: “Presumed Dead.” Continuing the master work of departed indie legend, Drew Hayes, Ape Entertainment […]

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Ape Entertainment Solicitations – Previous Three Months • January 2013 • December 2012 • November 2012 FEBRUARY 2013 Avatom #2 Written By: Christopher Meloni and Jason M. Burns Art By: Ramon Espinoza Cover By: Ramon Espinoza Description: With the living avatar of Tom now infiltrating every aspect of his life, Martin must uncover the mystery to its Frankenstein-like birth while […]

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LINCOLN – The Review

Going to the movies is a somewhat expensive but nostalgic act that many around the world continue to indulge in while carrying hope to be entertained or at the very least find some shred of enjoyment in their experience.  Now whether or not the proverbial visual nuggets on display are indeed worthwhile is wholly up […]

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