Speical Edition: Deja Vu

Welcome to a special edition of LOST IN TRANSLATION! With the first of Funimation’s Simuldubs coming out this week, I thought it best to take time and analyze how they compare to their subbed counterparts. As such this won’t be a retread of the first episodes, just a quick look at how the dubs hold […]

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First Week Jitters

Starting something new is always hard because you want to make a good first impression. No one wants to meet their new boss, and promptly shake their hand before throwing up all over their desk because you had a stomach bug. That’s a bad first impression at its finest. So when I was asked to […]

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Winter Watchlist

Welcome to the first edition of Lost in Translation, one of the new editorials here on UTF. Here I dish about anime coming to the good ole USA from the good folks of Nihon (or Japan for those of us less verse in Japanese. See? We’re translating already.). Whether that be show reviews, news, or […]

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