THE AVENGERS Tickle Tummies in New Gag Reel

The gang’s finally back together and ready to go! In anticipation of The Avengers Blu-ray release, Marvel has treated us with 4 sumptious minutes of star spangled, hammer wielding, line fumbling, behind the scenes fun from Joss Whedon’s production. Between Tom Hiddleston’s impression of the villainous Alan Rickman (Professor Snape for all of you know-nots) […]

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Kevin Fiege Talks A Missing Character And A Controversial Character Arc From The Avengers

Beware, possible spoilers in the next few lines. In yet another interview on the press junket for The Avengers (this time talking to Toronto Sun), producer Kevin Fiege addressed two major issues amongst fanboys regarding the movie: the exclusion of Ant-Man, and killing off a certain beloved character in the movie. If you want to […]

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New Avengers Set Photo

Here’s another fresh look at The Avengers from Marvel’s recent press release. This image gives us a look at Agent Phil Coulson and the mighty Thor as they peruse the internet. If I had to guess, I’d say that that they’re either creeping on Facebook or EHarmony. How else is Thor supposed to recover from […]

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