Every Transformers Movie Sucks For This 1 Reason!

They’re too damn long. Every Transformers movie, from subtitle-less first through Age of Extinction, sucks for that one reason. Because, let’s face it, for the first hour and a half they’re pretty damn satisfying action flicks. Nothing original, nothing genre breaking, but quality popcorn films. Then there’s an extra 45 minutes tacked on. You know, […]

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OPTIMUS PRIME Is Big Blue Space Knight In New Pic

I never thought Optimus Prime was an¬†unattractive¬†Autobot. At least, not compared to the vociferous Transformers truist who derided Michael Bay for every tiny twist and turn in his previous trilogy. But even I’ve got to admit, Optimus Prime’s new look is DECADES better than his last outing in this new Transformers: Age of Extinction poster. […]

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Merchy merch merchandise! Sweet, savory, Dinobots themed merchandise have made their fanged and scaled presence known as the Transformers: Age of Extinction marketing machine is in full swing. Featuring the mighty Tyranassaurus known as Grimlock and a few of his less reconizable dinosaur friends, this pic shows a random box (or puzzle?) that I’d very […]

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