Get excited for FURIOUS!

As 2014 rapidly approaches, the wonderful folks over at Dark Horse wanted to generate some hype for one of their brand new series. And I have to say that I’m eagerly anticipating what seems to be a furiously engaging jaunt. Don’t believe me?  Checkout the pinups plus first issue info below!   FURIOUS #1 Description: […]

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Many said it wouldn’t happen. Many said it would forever be announced but never see the light of day. The fourth installment of the dinosaur epic Jurassic Park will be coming to theaters on June 13th of next year, about a month after GODZILLA releases. Steven Spielberg will be producing, no director has been named as of […]

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GODZILLA Getting Another Rewrite

This movie can’t seem to catch a break. I haven’t seen a film with as many rewrites as this one. Just yesterday we learned that Warner Bros. was committed to a March start date, but two producers, Dan Lin and Roy Lee had left the project. More on that soon. Described as a ‘final re-write,’ Frank […]

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