X-Men DOFP PosterI want to make one thing clear about this film. As soon as the opening credits roll fans can start to smile, because it offers enthusiasts a journey that befits the Children of the Atom. Strap yourselves in, find some spandex and get ready to watch X-Men: Days of Future Past.

We find our heroes in dire straits, as the war against humanity and their Sentinels has been costly. Unexpected advances have made the ultimate outcome inevitable, until one last ditch effort might just fix the errors that led to this catastrophe. And so we step into a narrative that bridges two generations of mutants, one that began their path in X-Men: First Class and the second that started their adventures back in 2000.

X-Men DOFP Bryan Singer on SetBryan Singer from the moment the movie opens sets the tone. The script carries implications for the franchise as a whole but never misses an opportunity for humor or nuance despite its quickened pace. There are some unfortunate moments where his vision and additional details lead to some unnecessary bits here and there but these barely graze the overall feature. From the improvements with action shots to the consistent emotional core you’d never guess he’d been away, for this is a director that knows what he wants to deliver. To put it simply: under his watch he astonishes when he needs to and accomplishes several uncanny feats before and after the ending credits roll.

X-Men DOFP XavierWolverine is one of our primary protagonists and Hugh Jackman once again embodies the character completely, but it’s the growth of a young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and his attempt to find himself that gave the film its soul. Along with the best addition to this franchise, Evan Peters (Quicksilver), there were some surprising guest appearances which made the whole thing worthwhile. However not everything was great, especially a stale performance by Jennifer Lawrence and a criminally underused Peter Dinklage (Dr. Bolivar Trask) detracted from the final product. But for the most part each player did as much as they needed to in order to sell this time traveling tale.

X-Men DOFP Future SentinelThe plot of the film is never really all that predictable, but there were sequences that could be seen coming a mile away. You can blame the marketing or high-lighted anecdotes but thankfully these instances were supported by a striking soundtrack composed by John Ottman . The California native succeeds in perfectly exemplifying what’s come and could still occur. The music is never overused and oftentimes fits with what’s occurring on screen, so needless to say: what more could we honestly ask for?

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the movie going experience that does what it needs to. It bares a heavy burden as it tries for redemption and yet, through the strength of those behind it, manages to become the best the franchise has to offer. Since 20th Century Fox got the rights I’ve had my misgivings but this is the first time I walked out of the theater thoroughly pleased. Recommended.

X-Men DOFP Cast

  • + The movie is carried by an absolutely stellar cast.
  • + Offers an impressive scene following the credits.
  • + Brian Singer returns and redeems his franchise.
  • - There are some unnecessary bits here and there...