X-Men: Apocalypse Set to Star a Re-Cast Storm, Cyclops & Jean Grey

Bryan Singer is currently avoiding any spotlight due to the sexual abuse allegations against him, but he dropped a bomb in the recent issue of SciFiNowX-Men: Apocalypse, his next X-flick after Days of Future Past, will feature a re-cast Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm!

Singer stated that the film will take place in the 1980s, “between the birth of that relationship with Charles and Erik and the formation of the X-Men.”

SciFiNow reports:

Of course, this means X-Men: Apocalypse is in the right time zone to revisit and recast iconic original characters Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm.

Cyclops and Jean Grey, played by James Marsden and Famke Janssen, were killed in X-Men: The Last Stand (although Janssen reprised the role for dream sequences in The Wolverine), while Halle Berry returns as Storm for the post-apocalyptic segments of X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

“Yeah,” Singer confirms when that exact question is put to him, “exactly.”

Lupita looks much more Storm-esque than Halle ever did.
Lupita looks much more Storm-esque than Halle ever did.

OOOOOOOooooh yeah, baby!  Thank you Mr. Singer!  I finally can have hope that Storm can be cast as the African Queen she deserves to be!  I could care less about Jean Grey or Cyclops, but I need to see Storm finally cast correctly.  I NEED THIS.  I actually loved Marsden as Cyclops; he was the perfect douchebag.  And since I have historically not cared much for Jean Grey, Janssen did a fine job.  But Storm is such an awesome character, and Halle Berry never did her justice.

I fully expect Days of Future Past to wipe out the previous movies timelines, opening us up for a new alternate future- one more hopeful, and hopefully with much more Ororo Munroe!


Jay Deitcher is a writer and licensed social worker from Albany, NY. He is currently taking MFA courses at the College of St. Rose. You can read his other work at JayDeitcher.com.
  • kixxxers

    I always hated Hale Berry as Storm my original Pick was Angela Basett as Storm she Would have Killed it!

    Lupita is my Reboot pick hands down for Orroro Monroe

  • Marcell Hines

    I thought Halle Berry did fine as Storm. But im not gonna get uppity about a recast.

  • Fratboy

    Changing the actors and actresses will never make a difference in these movies if they don’t start writing these characters better. It was 30% Halle Berry’s fault and 70% Singer and Fox’s fault for the God awful lines and parts. All-in-all, I think Berry did an alright job for what she had to work with. After Singer left X3 was a step up for Storm’s character. Of course in Days of Future Past, Storm can’t do much because Berry was pregnant. But if they don’t give these characters, other than Wolverine and Magneto, any development and good scenes, how are they ever going to be portrayed correctly?

    • R&B

      I agree FULLY and couldn’t have said it better myself. “It simply HAS to be on the page/script” is a quote actors say. The character was hugely underdeveloped (all character development and energy was put into Wolvie) and in my opinion Halle Berry actually made some terrible writing watchable. People continue to blame her for what Storm has been lacking but it is the writing. The talent of Meryl Streep herself couldn’t have made that work the way people wanted without the writing being in tact. I personally don’t care if they use Halle again. I think she’s great when given the right vehicle to work with.

  • Tony

    that sounds great, I did like Halle as Storm, sure she wasn’t the best but she did a fine job. Lupita however would be the best choice and i would really love her to be in it.

    An I was hoping for Days Of Future Past to be a new start for the franchise and adapt more of the comics stories and develop this big and great universe that it is.