Wytches #5 Review

What will the Wytches do to the Rooks next? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

In the first half of the opening arc’s two-part finale, Charlie descends into the wytches’ burrow itself to save his daughter from an unspeakable death. But what horrors await him deep beneath the earth? And what secrets…?

Wytches #5Wytches continues to prove itself as one of the best current series’ at Image, being one of the most emotionally chilling horrors on the stands today. Entering it’s penultimate issue, the story sees the Rooks family tested like never before, as with Lucy unable to recognise the existence of her daughter, Sailor, and Charlie’s determination to save her, leading to some intensely dramatic moments.

Scott Snyder is the kind of writer that always seems to amaze, and even more so when it’s in the horror genre. Having generated a ton of momentum so far, Snyder continues to keep this reader on the edge of his seat, with Charlie’s desperation, and the Wytches sinister actions allowing for some suspenseful moments. He also does a fabulous job of delving deeper into the mythos of the Wytches, as though the plot is mainly focused towards Charlie’s pursuit for Sail, there’s a lot of insight into these creepy foes.

Jock is an artist who I just can’t get enough of, as whether it’s his eye catching covers, or immersive interiors, it always impresses. This is no different with this issue, as between the simplistic use of symbolism on the cover, and gritty flow to the interiors, it allows Snyder’s tale to be all the more invigorating. The artist also manages to give a fabulous sense of drama, as between Charlie’s determination, and the Wytche cop’s sinister grin, there’s a somewhat cinematic tone to Jock’s layouts. In addition to all this, the colours from Matt Hollingsworth also continues to astound, with splash effect allowing for great texture.

Wytches is a series that everyone needs to try at least once, as whether you’re a fan of Scott Snyder and Jock‘s work or not, you’re bound to love this. Moving the story forward in a gripping fashion, this issue will also keep current readers hooked, with the finale not coming soon enough.

  • + Jock's art is a masterpiece.
  • + Chilling vibe throughout.
  • + Charlie is more passionate than ever before.
  • + Emotionally gripping as ever.

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