Wytches #4

Wytches #4 Review

Wytches #4

Will Charlie manage to save his daughter? Or is pledge really pledged? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Now, with the true nature of the wytches revealed, Charlie descends into the Earth in a desperate race to save his daughter and his family from an inconceivable fate.

Wytches #4Despite being a huge fan of the horror genre, there are surprising few horror based comics that really appeal to me. Wyches is most definitely one of these, as though it’s yet to produce anything truly scary, the immense level of creepiness throughout is utterly chilling. This continues as the series enters it’s fourth issue, with Charlie’s search for Sailor leading to some mesmerizing revelations.

Whether it’s writing Batman¬†and other superheroes at DC, or his creator owned series, Scott Snyder always seems to amaze, rarely failing to impress. Having already created a thrilling premise in the first few issues, Snyder takes the time to explore the more mystical element in this tale, giving a little background on the Wytches activities, and pledging. Nevertheless, it’s still the characters that captivate me the most, with the raw emotion within Charlie, and unconfident worry within Sailor allowing for a very dramatic vibe.

If the writing of Snyder isn’t enough to tempt you, then the phenomenal artwork of Jock is sure to. Having amazed me with nearly every series he’s worked on, the artist somehow still manages to surpass himself, with his work on Wytches quite possibly being his best to date. Giving a chilling vibe, and emotional tempo, it is easy to get drawn into Jock’s work, with the dramatic flow also astounding. The colours of Matt Hollingsworth also continue to add greater depth, with the splash of colours, and dark overtone being as chilling as the story itself.

Wytches continues to be a must read comic, with it’s chilling overtones, and dramatic developments being sensational. The rich character developments also prove captivating, and along with the ambiguous background development, it’ll leave you returning for more.

  • + Charlie's raw emotion is fascinating.
  • + Chilling art by Jock and Matt Hollingsworth.
  • + Some tantalising developments.
  • - Would have loved to have seen a little more of Sailor.

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