Vincent D’Onofrio Joins DAREDEVIL As The Kingpin

If you’re going to make a Daredevil series, you’d be nuts not to include his most famous adversary. No, I’m not talking about Bullseye, although I’m sure he’ll be announced soon. I’m talking about Kingpin, New York’s most notorious, and hugest, crime boss.

Vincent D’Onofrio (Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Men in Black) has been cast as Wilson Fisk for the upcoming Netflix series. Fisk is described as “a powerful businessman whose interests in the future of Hell’s Kitchen will bring him into conflict with the blind attorney Matt Murdock and his alter ego Daredevil.” D’Onofrio is the second actor to be cast in Daredevil after Charlie Cox, who will be playing the titular hero.

Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television, expressed his excitement on D’Onofrio joining the cast, saying, “We’re incredibly proud to have an actor with the gravitas and versatility of Vincent joining ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ in such an integral role. Wilson Fisk is an iconic villain whose cunning and power make him the dangerous equal of our hero.”

This will be the second live-action portrayal of Kingpin after Michael Clarke Duncan in the 2003 Daredevil film (who, I might add, was one of the few exceptional parts of that film). While Kingpin is also famous for being a Spider-Man villain, he’s been a persistent adversary of The Man Without Fear since the early 1980s.


The only way to describe this casting is “Oh hell yeah!” D’Onofrio is a very talented actor, and he’s had more than enough experience playing villains that he’ll kill it as Kingpin More importantly, however, is that he already has the height and build for the character. D’onofrio is 6’4” and already physically imposing, although he’ll probably be hitting the gym and buffet soon to simultaneously bulk and fatten up.

Although I doubt he'll get this beastly.

Although I doubt he’ll get this beastly.

One thing, Marvel: D’Onofrio  had better shave his head. We’re unfortunately getting a Lex Luthor with hair in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I won’t accept another famous bald villain being given a head of hair. It’s just not right!

SOURCE: Marvel