Vin Diesel Dubs Groot In Multiple Languages For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Vin Diesel was hired onto Guardians of the Galaxy to to say three words: “I am Groot.” Hey, it’s not his fault that Marvel’s most famous sentient tree is not so good with the “vocabulistics,” as Rocket puts it. However, as we’ve learned in many interviews and featurettes, Diesel spoke those words with different tones and emotions, so Marvel got their money’s worth out of hiring the deep voiced actor, and considering he spent days in the recording studio saying those words thousands of times, I imagine the paycheck was quite big.


But wait, there’s more: Diesel didn’t just record dialogue for the English release. Nope, unlike his costars who had their lines dubbed over, we’re getting Diesel’s Groot voice in multiple languages for the worldwide release. Check out the previews below for Guardians of the Galaxy in Spanish, Russian, French and Brazilian Portuguese. I think you’ll agree he sounds just as great in those languages as he does in English.

And here’s a little something extra. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, Diesel busted out his best international translation of all: Mandarin Chinese! Skip to 1:09 to witness the epic recitation.

You know what? I like that one the best. Keep everyone else’s voices the same, but if Groot spoke those words in Mandarin during the whole English cut, I would be perfectly fine with that. In a way, it makes him even more badass.

SOURCE: Variety