Vibe and Killer Frost To Appear On Episode 19 Of ARROW

On March 14, the Arrow fandom was abuzz over a tweet executive producer Marc Guggenheim sent out stating the title of episode 19: “The Man Under The Hood.” While many quickly speculated that this could somehow relate to Batman character The Red Hood, whether it’s the pre-Joker character or Jason Todd, it’s unlikely we’ll be going down that plot trail. However, it does look like that episode will connect with the cast of another famous DC character.

On March 15, a call sheet was posted for “The Man Under The Hood” on Reddit by someone whose father works where the episode was filmed. The picture quality is horrible, but check it out for yourself.


It sucks, right? However, you can make out the words “S.T.A.R. Labs” appearing multiple times. Also, the good folks over at Superhero Movie News have spotted that the names Carlos Valdes and Danielle Panabaker are at the bottom of the sheet. For those who don’t remember, Valdes and Panabaker are appearing in the upcoming CW Flash spinoff as part of the main cast. Valdes will be playing Cisco Ramone (known in the comics as Vibe) while Panabaker will play Caitlin Snow (known in the comics as Killer Frost). Both are scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs.


Before discussing these appearances, let’s examine some evidence that was released before this sheet was published. On March 5, Guggenheim tweeted out the title of episode 20 of Arrow: “Seeing Red.” Originally, this episode was meant to act as a backdoor pilot for The Flash before the CW decided to give him his own pilot. Going back even further to February, Stephen Amell stated that we would see “people from Central City before the end of the season.” With this call sheet now over the Interwebs, it looks like episode 19 will be the show we see those denizens of Central City.

How Ramone and Snow are involved in this upcoming Arrow episode, I have no idea. However, considering the original backdoor pilot status of episode 20, as well as its title “Seeing Red,” it’s possible that this and “The Man Under The Hood” will form a similar backdoor crossover with The Flash. Of course, there is still a possibility “Seeing Red” refers to Roy Harper and his endless wardrobe of red sweatshirts.

However, I have my own theory pertaining to Barry Allen. In the episode “Blast Radius,” Felicity told Oliver that Barry was still in a coma. Recently, we’ve seen set pictures of Grant Gustin in the Flash costume and running about. My guess is that by episode 20, Barry will wake up from his coma and experience his first bout of super speed. Eventually this will somehow lead him to Starling City to seek help from the Arrow gang. By the end of that episode, he’ll be ready to start using his speed in Central City, which leads us to the first Flash episode. So in a way, we’re getting both a backdoor and a regular pilot.


SOURCE: Superhero Movie News

UPDATE: Marc Guggenheim has revealed that Barry will not appear in episodes 19 or 20, so unfortunately my Flash theory is out the window. You can read Guggenheim’s responses at an Arrow Q&A session at Flash TV News.