Updates on Jurassic Park 4, War Horse, and More

While the prospects of a new Jurassic Park still seem a little far fetched, our friends at Collider were recently updated on the status of the project by none other than Kathleen Kennedy. You know, the famed producer behind many of Steven Spielberg’s greatest hits.

Check out the interview below, but I must warn you, a lot of it revolves around promoting her new films War Horse and The Adventures of Tin Tin. Although, the conversation eventually turns to JP.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy Time Index

There was a lot of storyboarding and previsualization to do on War Horse to prepare for the horse. In contrast, Kennedy and Spielberg did none for Lincoln.
1:10 – Spielberg shoots very little that he doesn’t use. He often cuts in camera, and does very little coverage. So there isn’t much footage on the cutting room floor.
2:00 – Kennedy calls Spielberg “a dream for a producer.” He is responsible, and does not overspend. Talks about cutting scenes out to shoot in a beautiful, but more expensive location.
4:10 – Spielberg movies don’t get screened. Just Spielberg, producers, people who work on post-production effects, and composer John Williams get to see it.
5:10 – Spielberg is not indecisive, but needs to know that the project is ready before he commits to shoot it. War Horse immediately felt right, and was in pre-production within 6-7 months from when they first started talking about the idea.
7:20 – It will take a “great script” to get Jurassic Park 4 off the ground. It was never intended to be a franchise, so they need to find a good reason to make another sequel.
8:20 – Kennedy is not a fan of 3D post-conversion unless the filmmaker and the director of photography are involved. She thinks Jurassic Park is a good candidate if Spielberg wanted to do it.
10:20 – They have had conversations with Universal about converting Jurassic Park into 3D. Kennedy only wants to do it if they can take time to do it properly.
11:30 – The script for the sequel to Tintin is expected in February or March. If they can do some camera capture this summer, Tintin 2 could be in theaters by Christmas 2014 or Summer 2014.
12:30 – They are about 3/4 of the way through Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis stays in character all day, but “very accessible” at the end of the day.
13:30 – Robopocalypse is tentatively scheduled to shoot at the end of next summer or early Fall 2012.

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