Unboxing Nerd Block’s Comic Block Debut

Nerd Block, the popular monthly con in a box subscription service has a new block out.  Nerd Block’s Comic Block costs between $11.19 and $13.99 a month depending on how many blocks you order at once, with an additional $5.99 for shipping each month.  Comic Block promises a t-shirt, a collectible and three comics each month.  This block is roughly ten dollars cheaper than their other options and today we’ll be looking at their debut block.

comic block 11

This Comic Book Guy T-Shirt is an exclusive from Shirt Punch and a fitting first for this subscription service.  The tag has a price that reads 19.99 which is odd, as most Shirt Punch Tees are 10 bucks.  There is also a 10% off code included if you’re interested in purchasing more from the site.


Action Comics Convergence #1 was the first title in the stack of books and its not one I already have, though it is a few months old.  It’s not a poor choice for an issue to include though.

comic block 1111

Mythic #1 variant cover by Image comics was the next book in the pile.  I have to admit I have never heard of this title before.  It’s brand new though with the second issue out next month.  A title like this is a great reason to pick up Comic Blocks, something cool I hadn’t heard of.  Even though its in a sealed collector’s bag its going to be opened and read.


The final book is a variant cover for Secret Wars exclusive to Comic Block, and is sealed in a collector’s bag.  While this is now the third copy of Secret Wars #1 I have, its a pretty cool variant.  With Deadpool and Captain America Civil War out next year, this version may very well be a bit of a collector’s item.

comic blockk

Comic Block promises a collector’s item in each block, and this month it is a Batman print, that doesn’t feel like a collectible at all.  Its a tad smaller than a comic  with no information about the artist.  Its a great image but a bit of a let down as this will in no way ever be a collector’s item.

So is Comic Block worth your 20 bucks, you have to decide.  The cover prices on the books total eleven dollars (though some can’t be purchased elsewhere), so it the shirt worth nine dollars to you?  The selection of comics is great, Marvel and DC event books with a new cool indie style Image title.  In the future Comic Block promises that full graphic novels may be included as one of the comics.  The Comic Book Guy shirt is also great and a perfect shirt for the Block’s debut.  If the collector’s item in this block was as advertised this would be a must buy, but as it stands its a good block, boarding on great.


M.R. Gott is a small press genre author