Transformers Prime to End After Third Season, Getting Replaced by New Series?


Transformers: Prime fans will probably be saddned by the above news, but sadly, according to Kidscreen Magazine, it seems to be the case. If the magazine is correct, Transformers: Prime‘s third season, sub-titled Beast Hunters, will also be it’s final season. The show will presumably end late 2013 or early 2014. And then, in late 2014, to coincide with Transformers 4, a new Transformers TV show will begin.

I’m not sure if I like this news at all. And not even just because Prime is a really good show, but because….a new show already? C’mon, its bad enough that we can’t go two years without a new Batman show, but at this rate, people will get maxed out on Transformers. And this is coming from a big Transformers fan! Not to mention that this new show will have a tough act to follow, since Prime has gotten praise from many fans, and has even won various awards.

Meanwhile, Beast Hunters will also be getting a 75-minute DTV film that will be released late this year. Presumably, the film would be a follow up to Beast Hunters. I hope it is used to wrap up any existing plot-lines.

Transformers: Prime: Beast Hunters will begin airing on The Hub this Spring, and will feature a new group of villains, the Predacons, led by Predaking, as we reported here.

Also of note: Beast Hunters will only be 13 episodes, as opposed to the first two seasons, which were 26 episodes each.

Source: CBM

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  • primefan

    Brutal news. my 5 year old son loves the series and as old fan of the original cartoon it’s been enjoyable. Also, after spending big $$ on just about every prime figure for my boy it’s hard not to feel a little betrayed by hasbro. Lesson learned.

    • Borjan

      Just when you think they actually started to CARE about the TF fanbase, they screw THIS show over as well. Just like “Animated”.
      Being a Transformers fan is an unimaginable pain, simply because no other franchise I can think of gets so many varied, BRILLIANT iterations, which serve only to get cut short by greedy, money-mongering scoundrels. MLP:FiM is lucky for being such a world-wide hit in comparison – Hasbro would have to fear for its staff’s LIVES if they dared to screw THAT show and its fanbase over!
      It’s just a pity that the show with a long-running storyline and complex characters doesn’t get a moment’s peace, huh?

  • Borjan

    *headdesk* So apparently the execs. don’t care about the quality of the show or how much praise and viewership it keeps getting, they decide to cut it short. Just like “Animated”, and just like “Beast Wars” (while both ended well, they each had potential plans for Season 4).

    Brilliant Hasbro. Briiiiiliaaaant…

    Bah. That’s it. I’m done with “Transformers”. Not because it’s a bad show at all, no sir – but because apparently, the higher-ups in charge of production care not a wit about crushing our hopes for these storylines to be run from start to finish so long as they obsessively renew it.

    Next time a potentially great TF series comes out, I’m going to remind myself of how the Execs. don’t care about the fanbase at all, and not get myself invested JUST to have them crushed.

    If they do this to MLP as well, I’m giving Hasbro the middle-finger. Publicly, if managable.

  • lordoffantasy

    this news confuses me. a new iteration of the series. does that mean the new series is giong to be in relation to this prime series, like a sequel to it as legend of krora is a sequel to avatar?

    it does say iteration fo the animated series, instead of an iteration of the transformers franchise itself, which would imply a totally different thing…. like that weird rescuebots show.