TOP 5 Characters for SUPER SMASH BROS 4 Wii U

I have been playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 all day (It’s so much fun). While I was playing I came back to an old thought that I’m sure many of us have had, what if Sora was in Super Smash Bros? He makes sense. He’s very upbeat, cartoony, has a multitude of moves to use, and has appeared in some games on a Nintendo system. I would be stoked if Sora found his way onto the Super Smash Bros list, but it probably will not happen. I hate to break it to myself, but it just won’t happen (no matter how awesome it would be). While I was thinking about it, I thought of some characters that have a real chance make it into the new Smash Bros game though.


Mewtwo is definitely not a stranger to the Super Smash Bros series. There are a few major reasons why I believe he will come back. 1 is because of how annoyed many Pokemon fans were when he was replaced with Lucario. 2 is because of Mega Mewtwo. Not much more about that, just that fact that Mega Mewtwo is a thing. 3 is because Mewtwo will be the focus of the next Pokemon movie, bringing him back into the spotlight for the younger generation who the addition of Lucario was aimed at.


If Sonic is in the next game, there is a good chance he comes with a companion. Shadow would be a good choice, but is too much of a clone character for him to be in it. Tails and Amy don’t really fight. Eggman would be a lot of fun and would be my preferred choice, but I think that Kunckles would be the favorite to be in the game. Knuckles would be able to dig and punch and even have the ability to glide like in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Koopa Kid

After being brought into the limelight with Super Mario Sunshine (a long time ago) people were ready to see “Bowser Jr.” in Brawl. Unfortunately he was a no show in the game and we were all forced to just enjoy the game without him. With the new game coming out, Koopa Kid seems like he may make an appearance in the game. Give him his paintbrush, a similar moveset to Bowser, but much lighter, and you have yourself a playable character.


Fire Emblem is not the most popular game in the US, but it still has a lot of attention. The characters from Fire Emblem are often well received in the Smash Bros games, and they could really use another female character. Lyn was already an assist trophy in Brawl, but she still works as a new character. Another good choice could be Eirika from The Sacred Stones, but I don’t think many people remember her too well.


If we are talking crossovers I put Spyro on my short list of characters to use. Not only is he kid friendly and able to fit into a Super Smash Bros style fighting game, but his move set would almost already be set up. Fire Breath, flying, electric control, freeze time (maybe as a final smash), and he could headbutt the tail whip the crap out of anyone. I’d love to see Spyro join the fight.