Nicknames, they can make or break even the greatest of us, when I was but a wee tyke I once ripped a loud one in the middle of class, everyone heard (hell one kid threw up) but being the quick thinker I am I decided to blame my lab partner Luey, he was called Pooey Luey till he transferred a year later, while I landed the nick name Stud Muffin…. okay so that may or may not have happened but still, a nickname makes the man so here are what we think are the top 10 (okay 11 after I got my filthy mitts on the list) superhero nicknames.

Honorable Mention

“The Best There Is At What I Do”

Now I know this isn’t a proper nickname, but it’s close enough. Now that I’ve thought about it, I suppose it’s more of a slogan than anything else, and it’s a bone-chilling one at that. What exactly does Wolverine do so well? I think that’s simple enough to answer…kicking ass and taking names…with a slight tendency towards killing. ¬†Whichever way you slice it (haha, get it?), this is one hell of a moniker. ¬†Now onto the rest of the list for more!


10. “Webslinger”



9. “The Mad Titan”


8. “The Fastest Man Alive”


7. “Sentinel of the Spaceways”


6. “Emerald Crusader”


5. “Ever Lovin’ Blue Eyed Thing”

4. “The Man Without Fear”

3. “The World Devourer”


2. “The Dark Knight”


1. “The Last Son of Krypton”

There you have it, the coolest nicknames in the superhero biz, however this list wouldn’t be complete (or allowed on the site) without the obligatory mention of ‘arguably’ the GREATEST superhero of modern times, the one, the only (well maybe only isn’t the right term for this guy)…

0. “Spider-Ben”

So there you have it, what do you guys think? Any better nick names out there? Wanna hate on me for loving Ben Reilly? Sound off in the comments below…


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