Top 10 Grossing Movies 2013 Unleash Fanboy


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Gather ’round the fireplace children and listen to this delightful tale of Box Office Joy as we discuss the Top 10 Grossing Movies of 2013.

2013 was a massive year for the titans of Hollywood, and while it may be forever known as the age of only a single Billion Dollar movie (every year since 2009 has seen at least 2 separate billion dollar babies), it’s seen its fair share of successes. From the heights of Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 to the rebooted glory of Man of Steel, 2013 was a year of superheroes, a year of sequels, and yet another year of 3D dominance.

Top 10 Grossing Movies 2013 Unleash Fanboy

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  • BudMoore

    Was it too late to consider the Hobbit’s take?, or did they not make as much as these other movies? I find that hard to believe. Just curious.

    • Unleash The Fanboy

      Thanks for stopping by Bud!

      Some lists go by release date, others by end date. We’ll probably modify this list to include the Hobbit at some point (everyone’s making movie lists right now and we thought it’d be cool to make ours particularly pretty)

      • BudMoore

        I think that this is an interestingly new category to add to your lists. I’d like to see it expanded. The possibilities are almost unlimitless.