Tom Cruise. Sith Lord. Star Wars Episode 7. What?

Tom Cruise as the New Trilogy’s villainous Sith Lord? Yeah, this is definitely the weirdest rumor surrounding J. J. Abrams Star Wars Episode 7 production. But what’s even weirder? This might not be too far from the truth.

Tom Cruise has been meeting director J. J. Abrams in London, where Star Wars Episode 7 is currently shooting. A few mighty internet sleuths claim Cruise will score a cameo at the very least, but a few other sites have now revealed that his role could be larger.

I, for one, love the TEETS off of Tom Cruise. I’ll forgive him a few eccentric outbursts, as he is an emotional actor, because his work totally overshadows them. Mission Impossible, War of the Worlds, Edge of Tomorrow, Knight And Day… the guy makes the best modern action movies around. Oh, and he never phones in a performance. Melding hugh Jackman’s intensity with Robert Downey Jr.’s losing-until-the-last-second grace under pressure, Cruise is the perfect action hero.

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I’d absolutely love him Star Wars Episode 7. I think he’d be the perfect Han Solo foil for this new generation of heroes. While Solo was the anti-organized freedom fighter, Cruise could portray an older badass Rebellion leader. While Solo was, well, solo, Cruise would be the rabble rousing force that helps train and organize the New Jedi.

Of course, this would mean Luke Skywalker is the shadowy pariah, much like Yoda and Obi-Wan in the Prequels. While the rest of the cast is busy saving the galaxy in the traditional manner, Mark Hamill’s Master Jedi would linger in the shadows, executing an entirely anti-government, entirely humanist doctrine. You know… because if the Clone Wars taught us anything, combining the Jedi within the Republic is a recipe for disaster.

But that was all of a tangent, really. Back to the matter at hand, which is Tom Cruise’s role. Some sites have suggested Cruise could be the overarching villain in the Trilogy. Like The Emperor in the first A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, the New Trilogy will feature a central Sith Lord as the villain, but he won’t be featured in the very first film. According to our sources, the main antagonists in Star Wars Episode 7 are Jedi Hunters. They sprawl the galaxy, desperate to resurrect a new Sith Lord to lead their regime.

That could totally be Tom Cruise!!! I know Thomas is more of a hero than anything else, but he would totally kick ass as a cunning Sith Lord.

Make it so, Abrams! Make it so!

Source: SUN