The internet produces some terrible, shitty things – but also some pretty great things. This falls into the “pretty great” category.

avatar the last airbender

If Game of Thrones is famous for one thing, then it’s for its intro (and the boobs, dragons, gore…), which compliments the fantastic theme music greatly. It perfectly captures the sweeping tone of the show and it’s a seamless way to cover all the different locations that take up so many hours of our lives in under two minutes. Naturally, things like that get parodied. A lot.

The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra perhaps isn’t as violent and boobs-y as Westeros is, but they share some traits; it’s all high fantasy and they both deal with expansive locales and characters. Therefore, it would make sense to do a Game of Thrones-style intro for that first show, right?!

Talented YouTuber ryantheram719 has taken it upon himself to do just that, producing something absolutely fucking awesome in the process. Check it out!!

(via The AV Club)

Now, if only we can get another sequel…

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