The Judoon are Heading Back to DOCTOR WHO!

Back in 2007, Doctor Who debuted some brand new recurring villains: the rhinoceros-esque intergalactic police force known as the Judoon. They were pretty cool and have appeared a couple of times since then, last rearing their horns in 2011’s A Good Man Goes to War. As the September 19th premiere date for Series 9 draws ever closer, new details are starting to leak out from interviews and set reports, including a reveal that the Judoon will be back!

Oh, and the Hath.

the hath doctor who

“Fans will be thrilled to learn that “rhino” terrors the Judoon and fish-like humanoids the Haath will be making a return.”

This comes via The Daily Star. It doesn’t appear to be some bollocks rumour as it’s all backed up with quotes from producer Brian Minchin and other new info that’s been confirmed, so we’ll take their word for it. It’s entirely possible they’ll just make background appearances – it wouldn’t be the first time – but if the paper is confirming it alongside a slew of exciting news (a found-footage episode, a Doctor-only episode, space vikings, an unhappy ending) then it may be a little more than a cameo.

The Hath first appeared in The Doctor’s Daughter, where – you guessed it – the Doctor got a daughter called Jenny via genetic hand stuff. The one thing from that episode that fans have been clamouring for a return from is Jenny herself as she quickly turned into a fan-favourite (plus, she’s got his DNA and can regenerate; why wouldn’t she pop up again?). However, that was seven years ago now, so the time for a comeback passed a long time ago. The Hath weren’t all that special but if Steven Moffat has found a place for them then I’m not gonna complain.

The Judoon, on the other hand, could herald lots of possibilities. As they are space police we could see the Doctor and Clara getting into a bit of legal trouble this season – could they be arrested?

“The Doctor and Clara are excited about the idea of having adventures this series, but that’s a dangerous thing to do. They can’t have a good time for too long. They have to pay for it. The Doctor has a profound knowledge of the past and future and he knows how things will come off in the end. He is aware darkness will fall.”

Perhaps that darkness will include space rhinos.

I’m always worried about how Moffat and co will produce yet another series of quality content; y’know, when your show has been going since 1963 in television, film, radio, books and comics then the idea well starts to run a little dry. The fact that Series 9 sounds like the most exciting in years is a testament to how brilliant Doctor Who really is and the amount of possibilities that come with it. I’m so fucking excited for September 19th.

Just to get you all pumped up, here’s a recent thirty-second TV spot thingy. It’s pretty much just a shortened version of the second trailer but who cares?!