The Hub to Air Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

The Hub, not even five years old yet, is already being praised for the diverse line-up of shows it airs. But their latest acquirement might not go over well weith fans…

The Hub will begin airing Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation on Saturday, January 12. Yup, Next Mutation. The show labled by fans as the worst TMNT series of all time. Even some of the comic writers have voiced their disdain for the series. Among other things, part of the shows controversy stems from the fact that the show adds a fifth turtle, a female one named Venus de Milo, the fact that April O’Neil doesn’t appear, and the fact that the turtles AREN’T BLOOD-RELATED. Yeah, fans would rather pretend that the show doesn’t exist.

Back in the day, the show got some recognition when it was announced that it would be live-action, the first TMNT series to be so. However, due to low-ratings and lower-reception, the show was canned after only airing 1 season on Fox Kids in 1997 The show bombed so bad that another TMNT TV series wasn’t made untill 2003. Shout Factory released the DVDs in the United States.

In related news, The Hub will also be airing a few comic book films in January. These films are: Superman IV on January 4, Superman III on January 5, and Batman Returns and Batman & Robin on January 6. So, yeah. The Hub will be airing the worst TMNT show, and some of the worst comic book film adaptions. Um.

Source: Nick and More