THE HOBBIT SPOILER: Legolas, Arrows, and Smiting!

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Orlando Bloom The Hbboit Lord of the Rings image slice THE HOBBIT SPOILER: Legolas, Arrows, and Smiting!Leave it to LEGO’s elaborate film tie-ins to spoil our most anticipated flicks of the year.

This latest bit of leakage comes from the toy set titled “Escape From Mirkwood” from THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. In the book, while travelling through the haunted forest, Bilbo and his Dwarven company are attacked by a horde of evil spiders.  The hairy little halfling heroically defeats the beasties, and the story soon departs on a new tangent.

Though, in this toy kit, Legolas is revealed to be one of the rescuers, a far departure from the J.R.R. Tolkien’s original tale.

 THE HOBBIT SPOILER: Legolas, Arrows, and Smiting!We’ve known for a some time that the blonder half of Gim-Golas (these couple names are just getting downright ridiculous!) would appear in the film, but we only ever thought it would be a brief cameo.

If Orlando Bloom will have a much larger role in the film, it’s more than welcome, especially since the 3rd movie in this Hobbit series will connect directly to the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.  There should be some form of proper continuity between all 6 flicks!

What do you think of this Hobbit spoiler?  Are you angry with the changes?  Or happy to see a familiar character return?


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  • IKilledChubs

    This makes sense. IF another article I read it true. I read that Peter Jackson found some old notes from JRR for an intended rewrite of The Hobbit so it tied in closer to TLOTR books and that he planned on adding them into the movie.

  • T

    Legolas’ appearence makes a lot of sense. He is a Prince of Mirkwood. And honestly, I don’t care if it’s true to the book or not. I never really liked The Hobbit book. I really like the War Of The Rings books. I so want Legolas back! The more screen time to my wonderful Elf the better! He is my favorite character and Orlando Bloom did a great job with this role. Can’t wait to see him back in all his mighty glory! :)

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