Sweet, sweet, fast food debauchery.

There’s nothing quite like visiting your local grub hole, ordering a greasy pile of golden fries and a stroke-threatening double cheeseburger, and stuffing your face until you just can’t feel feelings anymore.

With this love of gluttony in mind, a youtuber known as Daym Drops has embarked on an epic crusade to sample and record the most tongue tempting goods the United States has to offer.

Oh, and he’s pretty f***ing hilarious.

This FAST FOOD FANBOY chooses his new reviews from the comments list, so go ahead and give the good sir a looksy below, and make sure you visit his youtube page by hitting the source link.

I don’t know about you, but I MUST see a review of Fudruckers 2 pound burger. For science, of course.

SOURCE: DaymDrops