THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS PART 1 Trailer… I can dig it

DC’s hard at work sucking the every last drop of sour, curdled milk from the Batman teet, and this time around they’ve decided to adapt Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS for their animated market.

Now, I know that description may have sounded a bit crass (and dairy filled), but DC’s unveiled their first official trailer for this project, and it looks awesome!

Allow me to point out the obvious, and say this looks a bit like The Dark Knight Rises… Okay, A LOT like The Dark Knight Rises, but badass, nonetheless.

Check it out for yourself below:

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So what did you think? Worthy of the lofty heights of the other classic animated Bat flicks? I’m willing to bet so… and that’s not just my Bruce Wayne bromance talking, either!


Heyo. I'm Nick Dourian, the Editor-In-Chief around these parts. Now, I went to a few other sites, read a few awesome bios, and I really want to fabricate a badass origins story for myself, but I'm feeling particularly unimaginative today, so 'f' that jazz. I read comics, drink bourbon, and cook meats. Imagine Ron Swanson, but with a fuller beard and cuter eyes.
  • J.Lee

    Don’t know why they didn’t use Kevin Conroy…would be that much better…can’t knock yet have to see it first