Thanos Sounds Just As Creepy As He Looks In New MARVEL Clip

If you’ve already seen Guardians of the Galaxy, then you’ve already geared witness to the Mad Titan himself Thanos, However, for those who are taking a little longer to get to the theater, Marvel has a treat for you. In a new video looking back at all the Phase 1 & 2 movies so far, they end it with not only our first official full look at Thanos, but hearing Josh Brolin’s Thanos voice. The video by itself is a cool retrospective, but if you want to get straight to the good stuff, skip to 5:14.

We went over Thanos’ look yesterday, but with a crisper image to look at, he still looks decent, although a little cartoonish. Ideally they’ll make some adjustments on him before his next appearance; a mix between his Avengers look and Guardians looks should do the trick. More importantly, though: that voice! Whoever thought of Brolin to voice Thanos deserves a raise. Forget whether his skin shade is too dark or whether he looks to human, that voice is pure evil. “I will bathe the starways in your blood.” Yup, that certainly sounds like something an intergalactic genocidal maniac would say.


However, I’ll say this: do not hire Thanos as a department store Santa. Seriously, the way he’s sitting in that chair, you know he’s going to enslave every child that gets up on his lap instead of hearing what they want for Christmas. Parents, make sure you tell your children to stay away from the purple alien in the hover chair.