TEEN TITANS GO! “Missing” Review

Another Teen Titans Go! episode about Silkie. Was it as fun as the last one?

In this episode, Robin (Scott Menville), Cyborg (Khary Payton), and Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) are enjoying being poor (?), they come across a wanted poster, featuring Silkie. It seems Killer Moth wants his pet back – and he’ll pay good money! So, the terrible trio do the natural thing…they kidnap Silkie, and take it to Killer Moth. Starfire (Hynden Walch) is not pleased!


One thing that bothered me about this episode are the three guys. Yeah, in this show they regularly act out of character, but….really? Sneaking in Starfire’s room to kidnap Silkie is kind of low, even for them. Admittedly, its kind of funny seeing them hang outside a concert hall because they couldn’t buy tickets.

The obvious guest star here is, of course, Killer Moth. Die-hards will be sad to know that he isn’t voice by any of the two guys who voiced him in the original show; Scott Menville voices him here. Sadly, I am not a Killer Moth fan, so his inclusion did nothing for me. Continuity is a bit nice though, as older fans will remember that Silkie technically belonged to Killer Moth originally.

One more strike I have to give this episode is it’s crude humor. Normally, I could give it a small pass – but it was very noticeable this time. The three guys eating food from the trash? Ugh, but fine. Starfire literally licking gunk off Silkie? Ew, stop. Starfire later licking dirt of Raven (Tara Strong)? NO, just stop, please!


So far, you may be thinking: this all sounds harsh! Critic, you didn’t like the guys, you don’t like Killer Moth, and you didn’t care for most of the humor! Pray tell: What did you like?

Well: the Duck Tales references and parody. You read right! I was a huge Duck Tales fan back in the day, and WOW! This episode was not subtle about discussing the show. They never said it by name, but they mention Scrooge McDuck, then swim in money (because he would have), and….other things I won’t spoil, but fans will laugh HARD!

So while I didn’t enjoy most of the episode….the references to a classic show keep me from hating it either.


  • Duck Tales references were awesome
  • Solid voice acting
  • Crude Humor
  • Characters are jerks
  • Killer Moth is a lame villain