TEEN TITANS GO! “Man Person” Review

After last week’s great season premiere, can the follow-up hold it’s own?

In “Man Person“, Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) gets a scar after fighting Cinderblock. At first depressed, Beast Boy gets convinced by Cyborg (Khary Payton) that the scar makes him manly, and Raven (Tara Strong) seems to agree.

To make himself even MORE manly, Beast Boy begins to purposefully injure himself, and even get rid of various body parts, so that he can be like Cyborg. Cyborg, horrified at what Beast Boy is doing to his body, decides he must take matters into his own hands.


The first half of this episode is pretty funny. Beast Boy actually isn’t too annoying, and his quest to become a man gives out laughs. With the TV-PG rating, we can actually see him get injured (but how did he remove his legs and arms?!?) The Titans have some very humorous reactions to this, seeing as how they should be used to violence.

Unfortunately, the second half doesn’t fare as well. Beast Boy gets super annoying, Cyborg’s plan is dumb and makes no sense, and the ending is….nothing. I was expecting a twist, or a final joke, but….nothing. It was very lame and anti-climatic.

Its too bad, the first half was to my liking, before it puttered out into nothing. Oh well, I’ll take a half-good episode, I suppose.


  • First half is funny
  • Beast Boy's robot suit is cool
  • TV-PG rating makes dismemberment easier
  • Second half is boring
  • Beast Boy is still very annoying
  • Dude talk