Team-Up Films Aren’t Enough! BATMAN Solo Film Rumored For 2019

Last week, Nikke Finke, formerly of, leaked Warner Bros’ schedule of DC Comics films through 2018, which are rumored to be officially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The list was quite diverse, from films we already knew about like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, to films we’ve been wanting for awhile like Wonder Woman and Shazam. Noted director/comic book fan Kevin Smith has since confirmed this lineup, so DC fans have plenty to be excited about…although there was one character notably omitted: Batman.


Okay look, no one’s really begging for another Batman film. Ben Affleck, a.k.a. the Batfleck, is already appearing in two films, and Batman has gotten more movies made about him than any other superhero. As far as solo movies go, give the other characters a chance. However, if the newest rumor from Latino-Review is correct, Warner Bros. isn’t done with his standalone films quite yet. Apparently 2019 is being looked at for a new Batman film, and there’s even a working title: The Batman. Again, this is just a rumor and is subject to change.

Of course, none of this is really unexpected. Batman is DC’s poster child, so of course Warner Bros. is going to keep chugging out the films. Plus, Ben Affleck signed a multi-film contract, and if he only appeared in Justice League films, Affleck would be well into his 50s before his contract ran out. Still, apparently Warner Bros. thinks audiences can’t go very long without seeing Batman on the big screen. If this trend continues, the most we’ll ever go is two years Batless.

It hasn't even been two years since this guy!

It hasn’t even been two years since this guy!

The Batfleck has been touted as an older, weary and hardened Batman. He’s been fighting the good fight for years, which means his rogues gallery has been well established already. Do we really need another film of him fighting the Joker or Two-Face. I’m not saying never make another Batman film again, but I was perfectly fine with this iteration of the character only appearing in Justice League-related films. We’ve seen his war against crime in Gotham City multiple times, so why not stick to showing a Batman not only helping stop world threats, but teaming up with his super powered allies. That’s plenty exciting!


The only thing that has me excited about this potential solo film is if Affleck himself directed it. The Latino-Review article speculates that production on this Batman film will begin in 2017 or 2018 after Justice League has been released. Considering how long it took Warner Bros. to sign him on, it’s not surprising if one of the contract stipulations was that he gets to direct a project, and for good reason. Say what you will about his acting, but the films Affleck directs have all been hits. The guy knows his way around a good story, and he’d be able to deliver something different from Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher. ESPECIALLY Schumacher.

Ben Affleck; John Goodman; Kyle Chandler; Barry Livingston; Tate Donovan; Alan Arkin; Victor Carber; Scoot McNairy, Rory Cochran

SOURCE: Latino Review