Sword Art Online II – “Gun World” Review

Spoilers Ahead!

Kirito enters the world of GGO in search of “Death Gun”. Finding himself turned around in the new world he comes into contact with Sinon, who proceeds to tell him about the ins and outs of GGO.

SAO II 4.2

SAO II is an interesting watch. Episode one was a bit dull but that was mostly due to reintroductions, episodes 2 and 3 were good watches, but this episode seems to fall back into dull territory.

Kirito enters GGO and for all intents and purposes it’s pretty standard stuff, except for the fact that his avatar looks like a girl. Through what I can only assume was a talk with Agent Seijirou before diving in the game, Kirito looks to enter the “Bullet of Bullets” tournament to draw out “Daeth Gun”.

Kirito's new look

Kirito’s new look

After being hit on by numerous male players, he comes across Sinon (who also mistakes him for a girl). Instead of just telling her the truth, like he did to the first person who thought he was a girl, Kirito decides to just go along with it and use her to learn about the game (Our hero ladies and gentlemen).

Sinon takes Kirito to a weapons shop and the show does a good job of explaining how weapons are selected by the players, at least when it comes to Sinon. She evaluates Kirito’s stats and gives him weapon suggestions, but Kirito says “screw that” and buys a sword (because in a game where guns are the main weapon Kirito still wants to use a sword, but on the plus side it comes with lightsaber sound effects) although he does use a hand gun an (FN Five Seven to be exact) as a sub weapon.

SAO 4.3

Despite mostly being here just so Kirito can get sped up on game play, we get some insight on Sinon as it’s revealed to be a bit of a gun nut (which has sort of been hinted at, but not fully explored). She fully delves into different types of guns, but she knows when its too much, which makes her more appealing. Kirito on the other hand continues to show how ubermensch he is by winning money in a game that hundreds of others have failed at (on his first try I might add) and impressing Sinon with his sword skills.

Although it was nice to see him not be a boss at everything he does, as evident by his poor shooting range skills.

SAO 4.5

“Gun World” is just set up for Kirito to properly enter the game and the get the plot going. While some of the game mechanics are given more explanation, not much really happens. Maybe things will pick up next episode.

  • + More game mechanics explored
  • + GGO is a welcome change in environment
  • - Kirito still sort of bland
  • - Rather boring episode overall