What possibly could bring the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise and the world of Planet of the Apes together? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

It’s the crossover nobody ever expected! STAR TREK: The hope for the best of mankind’s future! PLANET OF THE APES: A chilling look at the fall of humanity! How could these worlds possibly collide? What could possibly cause Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to side with Dr. Zaius to protect Ape City? And what does Colonel George Taylor have to say about it? It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!!

ST-APES-coverBBeing a fan of both Star Trek and Planet of the Apes, I was intrigued to hear that IDW Publishing and BOOM! Studios would be working on a crossover. Merging different franchises is never an easy feat however, as not only do you have to find a structurally sound way of bringing the different world together, you’ve also the task of appealing to both sets of fans. Despite not quite achieving this yet, the series does get off to a good start, giving an intriguing premise that’ll leave you wanting more.

Having worked on many Star Trek stories over at IDW, as well as prior Star Trek crossovers, Scott and David Tipton are the perfect writers to handle this tale. Despite failing as of yet to incorporate Planet of the Apes in a fitting manner, the duo do give a brilliant opener to this tale, showing how the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise have came to find themselves in the universe of Planet of the Apes. Despite this, the issue does feel largely set-up focused, with there being little excitement. Nevertheless, the issue does more than enough to have me hooked for the next issue.

Rachael Stott is the artist that will be handling the artwork for this series, and if her work on this issue is anything to go by, then I’m sure the series will fair well visually. Despite the inkwork being a little too bold at times, her crisp pencils, and dramatic layout certainly appeals. Her style also manages to give energy to proceedings, with the small glimpse into the world of Planet of the Apes being astonishing. The colours also give a lot of depth to the art, with Charlie Kirchoff‘s palette being both vibrant and toned.

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive gets off to a great start, as though it fails to show it’s crossover potential, plot wise it’s heading in the right direction. Recommended.

  • + Brilliant set-up from Scott and David Tipton.
  • + Teases the crossover epicness wonderfully.
  • + Fabulous art from Rachael Stott.
  • - Focuses a little too much on the Star Trek side of this tale.

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