Stacks of Comics – Episode 027 – California Dreamin!

It has been a little while since our last episode, but that is kind of how this podcast rolls – besides, how would you make a stack if you didn’t wait a little while…

Anyway, we are glad to be back on Unleash the Fanboy, getting the word out about our little podcast in the clouds.

And again, don’t worry, we are new listener friendly – no need to go back and listen to Episodes 1-26, well, unless you want to…

That said, let’s join our podcasters in a series, already in progress…

Episode TWENTY-SEVEN of Stacks of Comics is here! This episode I (@thanosrules) am joined by Leo Johnson (@LFLJ as we talk and talk about SDCC, being sad that we aren’t at SDCC, more about how people we know are at SDCC, SDCC. Oh, and a bit about Thanos Rising #4 and a little Top Shelf Comic called Motorcycle Samurai

So, please enJOY this fun and sadness filled 01:00:07 (1 hours, 00 minutes, 07 seconds) installment of the Stack of Comics podcast!

Listen Here!


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