Spoiler: The Amazing Spider-Man After Credit Scene Explained

The Amazing Spider-Man
swings into theatres all over the world this week and there already seems to be a bit of confusion regarding its post credit scene.

Before I go any further, I should warn you, this is gonna get pretty spoilery, so if you want to preserve your innocence, then quickly flip back to the homepage and enjoy one of our other fine offerings. Our recent comic reviews, perhaps?

Now that the obligatory caveat is out of the way…

The post credit scene reveals Doctor Curt Connors imprisoned in an asylum (or prison, we’re not really sure). A shadowy figure has managed to sneak into his cell, through either trick or bribe, and he’s questioning the poor, sappy Lizard about his involvement with the young Peter Parker. Without revealing his face, the cold voiced inquisitor commends the Doc for keeping Richard Parker’s (Pete’s poppa) saga mum, which is the basis for this whole new Spidey trilogy.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

Much like everyone else in the news community, I assumed that this sinister fella, portrayed by Michael Masse, was none other than the Green Goblin himself, Norman Osborne. But… according to one of Rhys Ifans’s recent interviews, that’s not exactly right. Instead, Masse plays a flunky of the notorious Oscorp CEO.  So who the hell could he be?

Considering the few glimpses we have of the character, he seems to dress in the fashion of Chameleon, a lesser known villain in the Spidey verse. Though, even that is weak supposition.

What do you guys think? Who could he be?  What other hints did you see in The Amazing Spider-Man after credit scene?

SOURCE: aintitcool